Apple iPhone 2018 Model Price Leaked and Claimed It Could Cost Just $649 to $749

Lots of reports leaked online in last two three days, which claimed that Apple’s 2018 model is going to cheap because of competition with Samsung’s Galaxy S series and some other companies smartphone. According to one leaked report, the next model of iPhone could cost just $649 to $749, which is half the price of Apple’s iPhone X, and even cheaper than the iPhone 8 Plus.

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According to, Apple can release three iPhones this year, and their price will be quite cheaper than the previous models. These iPhones model will featured with cost-cutting features like an LCD screen instead of the sharper OLED display found on Apple’s flagship.

Apple iPhone 2018 Model Price Leaked and Claimed It Could Cost Just $649 to $749

According to sources, “All of which means that Apple’s plans to double down on size and OLED screens for the 2018 iPhone models will keep the prices very high. The top-line iPhone X Plus with a 6.5 inch OLED screen could have an entry-level price of $1400.

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While some rumours have claimed the second generation iPhone X would drop in price to accommodate a larger iPhone X Plus, Kuo says this is not true. He claims the second gen iPhone X will again start at $1,000, the iPhone X Plus will be priced higher (likely $1,200-$1,350) while the once-cheap iPhone SE will see its iPhone X-inspired successor come in at more than an iPhone 8 starting from $700-$800.”

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We will come back with more Apple and iPhone news. Till than, take care and stay blessed.

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